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Marcie Peters, Certified Holistic Health Coach, America’s Whole Life Coach

I do what I do because I KNOW what it’s like to have your life shattered by a health crisis, to be trapped in a body that feels like a prison, to go from an up and coming career person with so much potential to someone who would consider ending it all because of chronic, relentless debilitating health…that lasted 16 years.

I do what I do because I’m PASSIONATE – I KNOW how to turn things around for others after doing it for myself (20 years of experience, $300,000+ out of pocket, trying just about everything you can imagine).

Now, instead of shamefully hiding, instead of being in pain 24/7, hardly able to walk, being utterly frightened about my present and future, wondering if I’d make it thru each day, I am excited about life! I love spreading my message, and seeing my clients go from where I was (or just unhappy with their health and life) to exuberant and vibrant, absolutely life-changing transformation!

I used to lay in bed and think about all the things I wished I could be doing…now, I am doing those things, from rock climbing or skydiving to public speaking.

I’ve been very successful with my clients, even those who have been sick for decades and have tried everything, and it’s important to me to share pivotal information, and hope & inspiration to as many people as possible…people who were like me – alone, desperate, isolated, scared, losing hope by the day.


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about Marcie


It’s time to fall in love with life and with yourself! Marcie’s intention is to change the world through knowledge, inspiration, hope…and ultimately transformation!

Marcie is the founder of The Health and Happiness Guide and Transform Your Health World Summit.